Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Urban Birds Project (Clarification)

I previously posted a link and email address for the free Urban Birds Project CD and booklet. I received a very nice email this morning clarifying the offer.

"Only a limited number of printed CDs were available (to educators and students). Apologies for any confusion. The website has now been updated to clarify this."

"However, unlimited downloads of the CD are available (for free --to anyone!) at the project website: www.urbanbirdsounds.org/Site/Podcast. There are also free teaching materials available for download at: urbanbirdsounds.org/Site/Teaching_Materials.html."

"Also, please note that the CD focuses on birds found in the Boston area (several of the species featured do not occur west of the Mississippi). I was receiving many emails from people on the west coast --and abroad-- and wanted to make sure they knew this project was regional in focus."