Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Free Samples: Fiber One, Stickers, Coloring Sheets

Free Fiber One Samples & Coupons
"Fiber One is offering free samples of Honey Clusters Cereal and Oats and Chocolate Cereal Bars. Your samples will also come with $5 in coupons. This offer is available to the US, US Territories, AA, AE and AP."
Free Lights Stickers
"Sign up to receive free Lights Stickers. These stickers are available to US residents only."

Free Coloring/Activity Books
"Piccola.org is offering a few different coloring/activity books. You will find them under the Children/Young Adults Section. These books are available for download, but the form at the bottom of the page says that if you need multiple copies they will send them to you. They do not mention if these books are for PA residents only, or if they will ship anywhere in the US."