Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Award Recipients :)

Yesterday, Julie from A Cheap Chick's Ray of Sunshine awarded me (along with 6 others) the "Queen of ALL Things Awe-Summmm!" award. Thank you very much! The responsible thing is to pass the award on, apparently, but I'm usually not all that responsible. :)

Right back at you Cheap Chick, you're doing a great job! I also love me my daily WordArt freebies from Bethany, the indispensable freebie tips I get from Wendi, the candid freebie humor from Goob, and all those avid freebie posters at Absurdly Cool. I, of course, appreciate Walmart and Amazon for all their great freebies, but I don't think they particularly care if they get this award or not. Oh well, they got it anyway! :)

Thanks again Julie!